Destination Wedding Training is for you if…
1. You have ever thought about how you can help your clients plan every aspect of their destination wedding, including the travel portion.
2. You want to expand your services and create a new revenue stream to increase your profitability.
3. You want to know the ins and outs of handling your destination wedding group travel details.


Your clients can be just like these happy couples! Here’s how you can get started on the road to being a Destination Wedding Planner – today!
The goal of this course is to educate you on the travel industry and how it operates so that you learn how to become a successful Romance Travel Advisor! You learn how to create the most amazing experience for your client while traveling to a fabulous destination. What’s more fun than traveling for a wedding?

I’m Lisa Sheldon, and after 30+ years in the travel industry I still wake up every morning thrilled to work with newly engaged couples, helping them plan their Romance Travel.

You are an expert at Wedding Planning and execution, and I am an expert in Romance Travel – that makes us a match made in heaven – just like our couples!

Don’t wait – sign up here to get started on your Romance Travel education – you won’t regret it.