Destination Wedding Training will introduce you to the world of travel. Section 1-6 of the online course is up and ready!  It can be accessed through   After a brief introduction to the tourism and travel industry today we will dive in to topics that cover: the similarities and differences between wedding planning and travel planning, what you need to start your own travel business, Host Agencies, Geography-knowing the world you sell, niche markets, working with travel suppliers, types of romance travel trips, handling group reservations, and more!

Section 1: Intro to the Travel Industry
Section 2: Selling The World
Section 3: Agency Structure
Section 4: Niche Travel
Section 5: Setting Up your Travel Business
Section 6: Marketing to Romance Travel
Section 7: The Sales Process
Section 8: Working with Suppliers
Section 9: Destination Wedding Travel
Section 10: Preparing the Client Proposal
Section 11: Handling the Challenges
Section 12: Resources
Section 13: Ready Set Sell
Chapter 14: Glossary